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1883 x Elsbock

1883 Maison Routin

1883 Maison Routin is a premium French syrup brand that has been crafting the finest-quality products for over 140 years. It combines legacy and modernity to bring together the most natural ingredients, such as pure mineral water from the French Alps and premium sugar cane, to elevate the works of the finest drink designers.

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The Inspiring Coffee Collaboration

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Camden assisted in 1883 Maison Routin’s newest collaboration where Elsbock and 1883 joined forces to create a refreshing summer drink that combines fruity syrups and creamy milk to resulting in the best of all super iced lattes. 1883’s exclusive drinks are available in 50+ locations in Shanghai.

A Splash of Engagement Everywhere

Camden strategized the campaign mechanism, putting their WeChat, Mini Program and Douyin accounts into play.

We also thoughtfully built a campaign toolkit for their exclusive China campaign that included an engaging video for Douyin, an inspiring and resource-packed WeChat article, recipe cards for drink designers found in the WeChat Mini Program, and an event poster and a branded gift for all 1883 x Elsbock Super Iced Latte drinkers.

With this array of tools and connections to optimize our campaign’s impact, we were able to convert a large audience of F&B professionals to the 1883 community.

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