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Every crisis is an opportunity

Natixis Investment Managers

Natixis Investment Managers ranks among the world’s largest asset management firms. With headquarters in Paris and Boston, Natixis IM leverages the power of more than 20 specialized investment managers globally to serve institutions and financial professionals.

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Opportunities in challenging environments

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Market conditions in 2022 became complex and unpredictable, so Camden helped Natixis IM produce a video to explain why the firm’s approach can make a difference. The video features an interview with Fabrice Chemouny, Head of Asia Pacific for Natixis IM, who shares insights into staying the course through troubled times.

On-brand imagery taken to a new level

Graphic animations are a powerful tool to help viewers follow complicated content. Using our in-house motion design expertise, we created dynamic graphics aligned with brand guidelines to aid comprehension of the interview content. 

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Every crisis is an opportunity

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