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Spotlight on Drink Designers

1883 Maison Routin

1883 Maison Routin is a premium French syrup brand that has been crafting the finest-quality products for over 140 years. It combines legacy and modernity to bring together the most natural ingredients, such as pure mineral water from the French Alps and premium sugar cane, to elevate the works of the finest drink designers.

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Elevating Their Chinese Social Accounts to a Whole New Level

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Camden was appointed by the premium brand to handle their social media strategy and content production for Douyin and WeChat, their WeChat mini-program upgrade, and their offline and online activations.

The editorial calendar was carefully designed with the Chinese market preferences in mind, localising content and crafting storytelling that strategically targets drink designers and baristas across the country.

From Master to Master

Our strategy for 1883 was centred around targeting drink designers, baristas, and mixologists; these professionals wield considerable influence over the beverage industry. They are the go-to educators and crucial partners for boutique business owners, making them an essential audience for our brand.

We provided unique tailored content on social media to keep them engaged. This included mixology techniques, beverage content, drink recipes and contests.

Mixology: As Fascinating and Engaging as It Gets

Selected video content is regularly posted on both WeChat and Douyin to boost impressions and community engagement.

Camden also handles the paid media strategy via DOU+ to increase following and engagement.

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Empowering The Local Team’s Creative Autonomy

Camden went beyond the initial task and produced content that will be useful to the local commercial team. 

Recipe cards incorporated in each article fill the WeChat mini-program gallery with a touch of localized content.

Partnership articles were also incorporated into the content calendar to highlight exclusive collaborations.

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