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Premium Private No-Sweat Workouts for Women

Velocity Aquabike

Velocity Aquabike is a wellness company that offers a unique workout experience through the use of aquabikes: bikes submerged in water, providing an impact-free workout that is gentle on the joints while still providing a cardiovascular workout. The classes take place in individual aquabike pods in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Overall, Velocity Aquabike offers a unique and effective way to stay fit and healthy in Hong Kong, combining the benefits of water-based exercise with the convenience and intensity of indoor cycling classes.

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From top-of-mind to actual conversion

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Camden created and managed a successful media strategy on Google for Velocity Aquabike Studio, a unique wellness centre in Causeway Bay that offers premium aquabiking sessions to a female audience seeking tangible results from impact-free training. Our goal was to convert new clients to this exclusive and unique experience, and we did so by focusing on the aquabiking effects and the relaxing yet effective training experience.

To optimize conversions, we designed ads in both English and Cantonese for the local market. By linking feelings and results to the actual product, we were able to create a campaign that resonated with our target audience and successfully conveyed the unique benefits of aquabiking.

Our media strategy included a search structure that emphasized the physical and mental benefits of aquabiking, rather than the aquabike experience itself. This approach helped us reach new customers who were not familiar with the product and ultimately led to increased conversions.

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