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A creative advertising agency that helps you shine

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Signal and noise

How many advertisements do we see in a day? In a lifetime? Camden's creatives know what it takes to cut through the clutter. Attribution, retention, appreciation: the "big three" of any high-impact ad – and a sure way to conversion.

The most effective advertising campaigns depend on more than a great slogan; they grab attention and keep it for just long enough to get the message across.

At Camden, we rise above the noise. A minute, 15 seconds, one page – no matter how much time or how many words we have, you can be sure your brand's story or your promotional offer will catch the right eyes.

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  • We create memorable experiences

    Behind every ad campaign is a strong idea – one simple, captivating advertising concept. It can be clever, catchy, or dry, an intellectual journey, a whimsical romp or a real tear-jerker. But whatever it is, that idea should grab your target by the emotions, speak to your brand identity and respect your audience’s intelligence.

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  • The creative process

    “An important idea not communicated persuasively is like having no idea at all.” – Bill Bernbach

    Camden’s creative process, rooted in a philosophy we call pivotal thinking, leverages our special blend of boundless imagination and careful consideration to develop digital and mass media marketing campaigns that don’t just turn heads, but change consumer behaviour within a clearly defined timeframe.

    Under the supervision of an experienced creative director, our multi-disciplinary creative team takes a collaborative, no-ego approach to concept development. Working from a detailed creative brief, we challenge ourselves and each other to push every advertising concept as far as it can go – and to let go of the ideas that (clever as they may be) just don't fit the campaign's objectives.

  • Ad creation service of Camden advertising agency : the creative room and the creative process
  • Meet your marketing goals

    No gut feelings here – data and insight feed everything we do.

    We start from a place of understanding and insight to take your brand to new heights. Concepts, headlines, copy, visuals – everything should work together to form a compelling, balanced whole. Most importantly, it should clearly convey a message and stir the target to action.

    As a full-service advertising agency, we make sure your value proposition shines in print, on the radio, on the web, on social mediaon TV – wherever your audience might be at any given time.

    Camden's strategists, copywriters, art directors, graphic designers, producers and corporate branding specialists build on solid ground in both English and French.

  • Ad creation service of Camden advertising agency : creativity meets your goals
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