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Refreshing changes for a bubbly brand


Spärkel makes ingenious, efficient carbonation devices that allow consumers to create refreshing infusions and cocktails by adding flavours straight to the bottle.

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Spärkel’s countertop carbonation system doesn’t just fizz your water. It’s the only product of its kind that lets consumers get creative by adding flavours straight to the bottle.

Sounds exciting? We thought so. And we were tasked with digital content strategy, creation and production that would hit the spot with thirsty consumers.

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Spärkel’s countertop carbonation system

On target

Looking to retain market share, Camden started with market research for predefined targets to align the art direction with audience tastes and preferences.

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Effervescent artistry

Working from infusion and cocktail recipes jointly developed with Spärkel’s customers, our team crafted striking visual tableaux that captured the Spärkel experience. 

We spelled out key features and benefits with masterful mixes of citrus, ginger, fruit, tea and other lip-smacking ingredients to great effect. Gorgeous, cohesive and engaging visuals that really hit the spot and added some fizz to Spärkel’s consumer engagement!

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