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January 2024

New Year: how brands reap the rewards of resolutions

For many people, January is synonymous with New Year’s resolutions: saying “so long, cigarettes”, swapping potato chips for carrot sticks, and making the move from the sofa to the yoga mat. Marked by ambitious promises, this time of year also sees brands riding this wave of change to win over new customers. But is this purely opportunistic or genuine care for society?

Gen Z, with its redefined trends, makes us take a closer look at this question. The shift from traditional cigarettes to vapes, from boozy beverages to dealcoholized drinks, and from meat-based diets to more flexitarian or vegan fare shows a significant change in habits. Baby boomers often had trouble understanding their millennial children, but today it's the millennials who are surprised by the choices made by those born in the 2000s.

To appeal to this new generation, brands must roll with the changes by offering products that are healthy, respectful, and in line with inclusive, modern values.



The business of healthy resolutions

Whether it's to get fit or give Dry January a try, every resolution creates business opportunities. So, brands adapt, offering alternatives like mocktails, vaping devices, a free month at the gym or even vegan meat to cater to new consumer trends.

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It’s more about what’s “in” and “out” than making resolutions

Gen Z values well-being and a healthy lifestyle and that includes nutritious meals, quality sleep and saying no to unhealthy habits. Traditional resolutions are therefore giving way to more conscious, sustainable choices.

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A generation raising a glass to nonalcoholic drinks

More and more, Gen Z is opting for alcohol-free beverages, a trend that’s seeing brands serving up new products to meet the demand.

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Helping Eni keep its resolutions

Since 2020, Camden has been working with Eni on communications for the Group's 180 stations, as well as internal communications with its employees. Every year, we contribute our expertise to the design of Eni's annual convention, a major event that brings station managers and executives together to share the Group's commitments for the year ahead. This year, the convention will focus on a crucial topic: Creating a sustainable future. Camden is proud to support Eni in its initiatives and projects for 2024.




Nearly 33% of French people plan to take part in Dry January, 40% of which are aged 18 to 24. The main motivation is better health, followed by the desire to make up for the overindulgence of the holiday season. We’re pretty sure it helps that non-alcoholic drinks are now just as good as alcoholic ones.



Can we truly work and be happy? 

Our modern lives, our daily routines, our cities and our identities are all defined by our work. But what effect does this have on our mental health? Can we escape the loneliness that can come with working?



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