Inclusive Marketing: Are We Hitting the Mark?

November 2023

Inclusive Marketing: Are We Hitting the Mark?

As brands strive to mirror the rich tapestry of our society – spanning age, gender, body diversity, and skin tones – they're treading a tricky path. The pitfalls of succumbing to trends like "purple washing" or "rainbow washing," where social causes are exploited solely for profit, are all too real.

So, where's the sweet spot between noble intentions, inevitable missteps, and the lure of commercial opportunism? Finding that balance is critical to crafting a brand image that's genuinely authentic and in sync with modern society's values.

At Camden, we're strong proponents of continual evolution and thoughtful reflection to guide brands through their transformation, especially in terms of CSR strategies and every aspect of brand content and content marketing. That's why we're diving deep into this topic.



Voices to Unite or Look Alike?

Let's face it: advertising often resonates with predominantly white, male voices. Québec's "Voilà de nouvelles voix" initiative is changing that narrative, shedding more light on diverse voices. Some may call it daring; we call it a long-overdue awakening.

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Beyond Casting: The Agency Equation

Inclusive marketing isn't only about the message; it's also about the creators behind it. Diversity is the lifeblood of agencies. The more our team reflects society and the markets we engage with, the more authentic, effective, and tasteful our creative output becomes.

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Getting Closer to Eachother

Digital media outlet Le Club Sexu, committed to destigmatizing questions about sexuality, is launching a groundbreaking training project. "Apprendre à nous écrire" (“How to Write to Us”) aims to educate individuals from all professional or academic fields in crafting articles, creative content, and educational material on sexuality that are inclusive and respectful.

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As Seen On TV

Our latest spot for Via Capitale doesn't miss a beat. We've managed to sell houses without even showing one. Curious? To watch, click here. Disclaimer: Non-Québécois speaking people might need some help to understand…



12.9 %

This is the Hollywood Reality: only 12.9% of Hollywood films boast genuinely diverse casts, based on the analysis of 1,600 feature films. Proof that there's definitely room for growth and change.



Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Exploring Equity 

The Inclusion Works Podcast explores the secrets of building inclusive culture at work and in the community.  In this episode with Dr. Aarti Shyamsunder as a guest, we learn how to use the three Rs: Recognize barriers, Rebalance pro-actively, and Reduce harm. 



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