Camden l’a fait pour Ville-Marie
May 2023

Camden did it for Ville-Marie

Montreal, May 30, 2023 – The Ville-Marie borough is launching an awareness campaign created by Camden to highlight the residents, shopkeepers, and visitors of the neighbourhood who adopt responsible cleanliness practices.


The message, which is conveyed by four residents and one shopkeeper of Ville-Marie, shines through its simplicity and a well-measured dose of intrigue. Nikita does it in the morning, Evelynn does it on Mondays. But what are these people actually doing? We are, of course, referring to the daily or weekly gestures aimed at keeping their neighbourhood clean. By embracing a vibrant and lively tone, the creatives assert civic values with a resolutely positive mindset.

“Cleanliness guidelines are often associated with a preachy tone. We wanted to reverse this trend with a concept that doesn't point fingers,” explains Mitch Cayouette, Creative VP at Camden Montreal.


Deployed in key locations throughout the city, including wild postings, metros, digital platforms, and social networks, the campaign’s theme, Ville-Marie, clean for us fosters an inspiring connection between residents and their neighbourhood, while positioning the cleanliness of public spaces as an action we make for ourselves as much as for others.


“The Ville-Marie borough is highly cosmopolitan. The Camden team has found an accessible and captivating way to speak to the widest audience and create a sense of identity. This campaign resonates with everyone's reality,” states Patrick-Jean Poirier, Manager of Communications and Community Relations for Ville-Marie.

In order to encourage active involvement and participation from the public, the campaign includes two initiatives that will be shared on social networks today and during moving season, inviting citizens to join in the same actions. What about you? When will YOU do it?

Ville-Marie: Patrick-Jean Poirier
A campaign proudly created and produced by Camden 

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