May 2024

Camden and RTOERO Join Forces Again to Lead Canadians to Retirement

Toronto, May 15, 2024 - RTOERO, an organization dedicated to enhancing the post-career lives of retirees and seniors in Canada’s education sector, is thrilled to unveil its latest advertising initiative. Conceptualized and produced by Camden, the campaign aims to highlight the significance of retirement planning nationwide. This fresh work is yet another piece solidifying the five-year long-standing business and creative relationship between the client and the agency.

This bilingual national campaign comprises a trilogy of videos addressing critical retirement planning facets. These videos were crafted to guide viewers through a chronological exploration of their retirement journey, resonating with their aspirations for this important chapter of life.

The segmentation strategy targets distinct stages of retirement planning across three demographic segments, ensuring maximum engagement and impact. The initial video delves into crucial financial planning steps, the subsequent one simplifies retirement decisions regarding timing and lifestyle adjustments, while the concluding clip boosts emotional resonance with the thought of enriching post-retirement possibilities, including hobbies and active lifestyles.

"We wanted to create a whole universe from scratch to illustrate the retirement planning journey. We filmed on a green screen and got help from VFX artists to create the ’RTOERO Theater’ " explains Thomas Magny, VP of Creation and Partner at Camden in Toronto. 

“Our goal with this campaign is to educate and connect on the human level at different points in the education professional’s journey to retirement. Camden once again managed to transpose these abstract issues creatively”, concludes Danielle Norris, Director of Marketing and Communication at RTOERO.

Credits :
Client : RTOERO : Danielle Norris, SCMP, Director of Marketing and Communications.
Proudly crafted and executed by Camden
Production studio : Moonstruhk (director: Fred O. Dery)
VFX : BLNK Creative (Jacob Villeneuve)
Sound studio : La Shop Studios (Yan Veillette)

Press Contact:
Thomas Magny - VP of Creation - Partner

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