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June 2023

Work Is Still a Work in Progress

Ever pondered the need to develop new skills, fearing that your longstanding expertise may become irrelevant? We feel you. A lot of us are grappling with this question as our world transforms.     

With each year, almost every creative software introduces enticing new versions, tempting designers with an array of advanced tools. Yet, the intrusion of artificial intelligence fuels a pervasive anxiety, as it goes beyond a mere software upgrade; it has the potential to redefine us. 

These current shifts both unsettle and fascinate us. It’s a true work in progress. Our attitudes, our approaches, our skills, and our convictions are in full flux. With this month’s newsletter, let’s set our doubts aside and embrace new challenges to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.



A Creative VS ChatGPT

Caught off guard by the meteoric rise of new technologies, we’re wondering about the future of our skills. What better way to put things into perspective than with a good old field test? If you were worried, the verdict of this conversational experiment between ChatGPT and a seasoned copywriter ought to reassure you. The creative instinct is victorious! Its abstract secret remains well encrypted in the human brain. At least, for now…

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Percer en musique: une leçon de pub

Music Lessons on Advertising

A Copenhagen-based advertiser and music producer delves into the intricacies of creativity and its philosophical implications. He shares the significance of drawing inspiration for musical composition from "resonating truths" and a sensitivity towards cultural tensions. Amidst the relentless pursuit of novelty and relevance, that’s where the boundaries of technology reveal themselves: to create, one must capture the subtleties of human universality. Works for music, advertising, and many other art forms.

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En quête de sens

The Neverending Quest for Meaning at Work

The changing face of work as a topic has even found its way onto the biggest streaming platform. No, it’s not a surprise, just another sign of the times. The recent docuseries Working: What We Do All Day explores the meaning of work for modern Americans in a time of rapid change and widening inequalities. Despite its valuable insights, the series featuring Barack Obama has its limitations, leaving us wondering what solutions might be found to the new challenges of work.

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Travailler pour soi

A Win-Win Approach to Work

Advertising serves as a powerful tool to engage with ongoing cultural developments, carrying significant potential for impact. This is particularly true when working on a campaign aimed at promoting awareness of urban cleanliness and citizen participation. At the core of the concept crafted for Ville-Marie, lies the profound notion that an action taken for others is just as much an action taken for oneself. 

By the numbers 


107% Is Why You Should Bet on Skill

Would you favour past experiences or a relevant skill set? Deloitte found that organizations that emphasize skills rather than specific backgrounds and job histories are 107% more likely to place talent effectively and 98% more likely to retain and develop high performers. This approach also contributes to building a reputation as an excellent environment for growth and development. 




Embracing ADHD for Creative Success

Listen to CEO Konrad Sanders as he shares his journey with ADHD and its impact on running a creative agency. Discover strategies for productivity, embracing neurodiversity, and breaking corporate boundaries.


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