Sans les mains, avec les verres Transitions
Nov 2022

Transitions goes hands free to hand out a great prize

Camden’s off-the-wall Instagram campaign and contest reaches younger audience

Montreal, November 22, 2022 – Transitions, the leading light-intelligent photochromatic lenses, has launched a Canada-wide bilingual campaign developed by Camden’s Montreal office. The campaign’s objective is to boost overall brand presence and increase engagement with younger consumers.

The fun No Hands Instagram contest created by Camden sets the challenge of switching from clear to tinted lenses without using one’s hands. Fans of the Transitions brand earn one entry when they share the contest and ten entries for participating in the challenge. It’s no surprise that the easiest way to have a great chance of winning is by wearing glasses with Transitions lenses, and there’s a cool prize at stake: a pair of Ray-Ban Stories glasses fitted with Transitions lenses.

The campaign was activated using an influencer marketing strategy and also features an illustration by Quebec artist Camille Charbonneau.

“A big thank you to our clients at Transitions, who’ve shown confidence in our creativity once again. Even though this concept is a little crazy, it’s on-point strategically and speaks to our target audiences in their own language,” commented Mitch Cayouette, Creative Director at Camden’s Montreal office.

“We appreciate how much Camden understands our brand and what it stands for,” added Mathieu Arsenault,  Marketing Manager for Transitions Canada.

Transitions: Mathieu Arsenault
A campaign created and produced by Camden

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