Transitions poursuit sur sa lancée avec Camden
Feb 2021

Transitions builds momentum with Camden

Influencers, content marketing and contests for awareness and engagement

Montreal, February 4, 2021 – Camden has unveiled the #TransitionsWishList influencer campaign as part of Transitions’ new social media strategy launched in 2020, with a view to delivering authentic and highly targeted content to the indoor/outdoor lens manufacturer’s fashion-forward community of wearers.


Launched in the run up to the holiday season, the campaign featured 13 micro-influencers—each corresponding to a targeted consumer profile—and their holiday wish lists built around Transitions products. The lists were then showcased in Instagram posts and stories with the #TransitionsWishList tag.


“The Transitions brand is known for its highly technical, innovative products,” said Arnaud Rajchenbach, Marketing Manager, Transitions Canada. “But it takes more than innovation to connect with consumers and educate them on product benefits and their visual health. You have to plug into their interests, preferences and needs. By leveraging influencer content that is relevant to and inspired by consumers’ day-to-day lives, we add depth and credibility to the brand story.”


Combined with a contest that generated a nearly 30% increase in the brand’s Instagram account followers, the #TransitionsWishList campaign raised the account’s visibility by 582%.

Client: Isabelle Tremblay and Arnaud Rajchenbach
Strategy: Marc Minart
Creative direction: John Dutton
Client services: Virginie Testaud
Content creation: Maud Nydegger Ducharme
Copywriting: Susannah Rubin
Art direction: Caroline Perrin