Toulouse fait un clin d’œil à Montréal
Dec 2023

Toulouse Blows a Kiss To Montreal

A charter-charmer campaign by Camden

Montreal, December 7, 2023 – The Agence d'attractivité de Toulouse Métropole, the vibrant capital of the Occitanie region in the South of France, extends a gracious invitation to Montrealers with direct flights now linking the two cities. The advertising campaign invites young professionals to explore the charming Pink City.

The alluring campaign orchestrated by Camden is now adorning downtown Montreal streets, offices, and billboards. The playful nod to the city's name is a dreamer’s antidote to winter doldrums. The concept presents various taglines while featuring iconic locations, including the historic centre and the banks of the Garonne River.


Camden's Montreal office leveraged its fully integrated structure to handle the strategy, creation, media planning, production, and deployment of this advertising campaign, designed to transport and inspire Montrealers during the early days of the cold season.


"Launching an advertising campaign for the fourth largest city in France was a natural fit for our teams, who took genuine pleasure in envisioning a concept that is concise, evocative, and accessible. Ultimately, we aimed to counter the demands of professional life by offering a bit of escapism to a friendly and accessible destination that deserves to be better known here in Québec," concludes Mitch Cayouette, VP of Creation at Camden in Montreal.

Client: Agence d'attractivité de Toulouse Métropole

A project proudly executed by Camden

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