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May 2023

Seeing Without Being Seen

The concept of seeing without being seen has always held a certain allure. Whether it's peeking through a keyhole or hearing a secret story before anyone else, there's something exciting about feeling privileged and in the know, being exclusive, enjoying VIP status. 

In today's world, access to information has become almost infinite, thanks to social media, AI, and the Internet. All these things have reinforced our power to be aware, to see things that would usually be out of reach. They have also brought about a new definition of voyeurism. It's no longer just about spying on your neighbour's private life – anyone who browses Instagram without posting is a voyeur to the same extent as an anonymous OnlyFans subscriber. 

Today's challenge is to access all the information in the world while maintaining complete anonymity and privacy over our personal data so that the world can never access your own personal information. 



Why Are We Hard-Wired for Curiosity? 

What if we strip it down to the basics and ask ourselves why we get excited about the feeling of "seeing without being seen"? Why are we curious? What does our brain gain from deviating from what it already knows? What drives this desire for new information? If you're interested in understanding why you're curious, check out this piece below.  

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Data Use: 75% of Consumers Concerned

We are full of contradictions, seeking to see without being seen, to know without asking… And unsurprisingly, big data is yet another illogical puzzle. Although consumers are largely worried about the use of their data, they often act in ways that contradict their concerns once they are confronted with it.

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How to target communications in a cookie-free context?

Following up on the previous piece, it’s not just a matter of “people may not like it, but they put up with it.” Brands can be seen as diabolical entities that will stop at nothing to make you buy something. At the same time, their existence is dependent on us – on you, me. No us, no consumers, no brands. Consequently, it’s no surprise they are striving to create more personalized and subtle marketing tactics that better align with our needs and preferences. 

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Saisir le moment

Quiet on Set! 

We've just wrapped up a four-day shoot in four different locations with seven actresses and a full production team to create a new brand film for a mystery client. The final edit will only scratch the surface of all the amazing content we captured because when you're behind the lens, you get to see things that won't be visible to others. Stay tuned for more! 



220 Million Users

The UK became the epicentre for exhibitionism and voyeurism in 2016 with the rise of the OnlyFans platform, which has seen remarkable growth in recent years. The numbers explained in this article offer insight into the vast reach of this phenomenon, which still eludes many people.



Serial: The True Crime Podcast That Lifted a Life Sentence

In final thoughts, curiosity cannot always drive us to explicit, dark, or forbidden places. Most of the time it drives us to innovate, explore new cultures, or even save lives. 
The latter was the case of Adnan Syed, whose story was brought to light by the Serial podcast. Explore the investigation that, due to its inconsistencies, spurred people's desire to know more and uncover the truth.



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