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April 2023

“Innovation is an act of love”*

When it comes to consciously bringing value to the world (through our work, the causes we root for, you name it), we are required to put a lot of heart into it. And energy. Oh, and time. Some of our most precious and limited resources combined. And yet we do it. Out of love, out of dedication to bringing value, responsibly, to the world. Because we want love to last forever, we focused this newsletter on bad-asses who put their act of love towards making industries with high-emissions more sustainable. Hope this will fuel ideas!
Please note that this newsletter was conceived and written by our team in Hong Kong. Going forward, we will be calling on each of our offices located on three continents to contribute, in order to encourage a diverse range of perspectives.

*Legendary designer Mauro Porcini (CDO at PepsiCO) led an incredible talk at Marketing Pulse earlier this month in Hong Kong. The Camden team can’t get that quote out of their mind, so might as well share it. You’re welcome.



Getting closer

The highly sophisticated (and massive!) Chinese market might be the answer to making the global travel industry more sustainable. Without oversimplifying, there are two simple reasons for this: first, they are highly aware of the environmental impact of travel and second, they have the critical mass and buying power to push practices in the right direction. The challenge the travel industry now has: the Chinese market is not necessarily willing to pay a premium price for a more viable option. Sounds like a challenge for marketers.

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Lowering impact of the F&B ecosystem

The Hong Kong based Montrealer Peggy Chan is a sustainability pioneer who is walking the talk on building regenerative food systems. She acts as a consultant to help foodservice businesses take action to incorporate sustainable solutions from incorporating low-footprint recipes into their menu to developing direct relationships with farms and other providers. Here’s a nutrient-rich, locally sourced and unprocessed article right here.

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Act of balance

Camden serves a lot of awesome F&B brands but today we’d like to put a spotlight on 1883 Maison Routin. Our Hong Kong office supports the premium French brand with their digital strategy and social content planning for the highly promising China market. A true act of balance between staying on brand and adapting to a whole new market.



1.5 KG

A paint so light it makes planes more energy-efficient. Currently, the paint used on a Boeing 747 adds 500 kg to the total aircraft weight. If we cover the exact same plane with plasmonic paint, developed by researchers at the University of Central Florida, the additional weight from the paint would only be 1.5 kg. Game changer.



The green placebo

A panel bringing together fashion and investing professionals to discuss solutions to greenwashing.



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