Hydro-Québec et le privé
Jan 2024

Hydro-Québec Must Remain Public for the Benefit of All Quebecers

Camden unveils a nationwide campaign highlighting the importance of protecting Quebec’s collective heritage.

Montreal, January 10, 2024 – As we step into 2024, Camden takes the lead in a comprehensive national awareness initiative, urging Quebecers to recognize the tangible risks associated with the direct or indirect privatization of Hydro-Québec. Executed on behalf of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), the campaign revolves around the theme “We have the power to keep the private sector from taking over.

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Crafted and produced by Camden, this expansive undertaking follows workshops that gathered leaders from various CUPE unions, representing over 16,000 Hydro-Québec employees spanning all professions and regions of Quebec.

Extensive research and analysis guided Camden toward creative and meaningful insights, forming the basis for the main television advertising message. Notably, the media strategy, messages, and content were developed concurrently in-house, aligning with Camden’s integrated model that has supported unions, associations, and professional orders for nearly two decades. 


Embracing audience segmentation with an engaged, vibrant, and authentic message, the campaign aims to mobilize public opinion on critical issues. These include the potential rise in rates resulting from partially private production, the loss of control over decisions not attributable to Quebecers by private entities, and the crucial importance of retaining expertise within Hydro-Québec.

Beyond the 30-second TV commercial aired during primetime on major networks, the campaign encompasses a digital component segmented by theme, programmatic advertising, and a dedicated campaign page, all highlighting the substantial risks associated with Hydro-Québec’s privatization.

Mitch Cayouette, VP of Creative at Camden in Montreal, remarks: “We’ve centered our campaign on authentic voices expressing valid concerns about our collective heritage to instigate genuine awareness. Camden takes pride in contributing to these pivotal future challenges.”

Lisa Djevahirdjian, Communication Specialist at CUPE-Quebec, adds: “Camden delved deep to grasp the intricacies of issues related to the implicit privatization of Hydro-Québec, presenting a human, emotional, and clear approach. The agency’s remarkable level of collaboration and responsiveness stood out.”

About CUPE-Quebec
With nearly 135,000 members in Quebec, CUPE operates in 11 sectors, including health, social affairs, communications, education, universities, energy, municipalities, Crown corporations, public agencies, air and land transportation, the mixed sector, and maritime transportation. It stands as the largest union affiliated with the FTQ.

CUPE-Quebec: Lisa Djevahirdjian, Communication Specialist.

A campaign proudly executed by Camden

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