Collège Beaubois
Oct 2022

An entertaining 2022/23
launch for Collège Beaubois

Social media back-to-school campaign highlights students’ spontaneity

Camden has collaborated once again with West Island school Collège Beaubois, this time on a fun-filled awareness campaign that features the spontaneous and authentic personalities of three young students. The creative concept for the video series is based on French-language “konbini” quizzes, where likeable kids shout out answers to quickfire questions designed to reveal their preferences, interests and personalities. Each child is then assigned to a specific secondary school learning profile available at Beaubois: either Outdoor, Sciences or Arts.

The videos also invited children and their parents to attend the Beaubois open house, which was held on September 10. The school’s overarching theme Fabrique ta nature (a play on words that asks students to build their own personalities with a nod to the school’s natural surroundings) appears as a tagline at the end of each message.
The campaign ran on social media, including TikTok and YouTube, with a drive-to-web strategy that allowed parents and youngsters to learn more about the different learning profiles on the school’s website, as well as other educational information.

Collège Beaubois

“We were looking for a simple, dynamic way to put real students front and centre and engage our target audiences with wholesome video content,” commented Valéry Fleury, Account Director at Camden’s Montreal office. “We are delighted to have yet another opportunity to work extremely closely with the people at Beaubois. The entire process was great fun!”
“The results of the campaign, especially the engagement rates, easily surpassed projections,” commented Véronique Teoli, Marketing and Communications Director at Collège Beaubois. “Awareness and positive sentiment towards the school have increased. Camden’s experts in a variety of domains really understood what was at stake for us and were able to meet our expectations once again this year.”
About Collège Beaubois
Collège Beaubois, located on the banks of Rivière-des-Prairies in Pierrefonds, QC, is a not-for-profit educational institution that has offered preschool, primary and secondary school programs since 1967. With its high-quality educational program, the school focuses on the comprehensive development of its students while providing a vibrant community that promotes student engagement and achievement as well as pedagogical innovation. The recipe for Collège Beaubois’ success is giving equal weight to all building blocks of education: a dynamic team with robust values, a culture of rigour and respect, and teachers who are proud, skilled and motivated, and who care about the success of every one of their students.

Collège Beaubois: 
Véronique Teoli, Marketing and Communications Director
Éric Rivard, Managing Director
Aline Merlin, Project Manager, Events and Locations
Véronique Lalonde, Communications and Marketing Officer
A campaign created with pride by Camden

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