Mar 2020

(COVID-19) Call for projects – Camden donating $25,000 PSA campaign 

On Tuesday, March 24, Camden’s Montreal and Toronto offices unveiled their plans to donate $25,000 worth of ad space (including strategy and creative) for a public service ad campaign in La Presse, one of Quebec's largest media outlets (La Presse+, La Presse mobile and platforms).

The only goal of this call for projects is to provide exceptional visibility to a community organization, essential goods manufacturer, health/agricultural/food enterprise, non-profit, any other organization impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

The ad space can be used to raise awareness, solicit donations, fill urgent staffing needs, call for public support or provide critical resources.

With users rushing to digital mass media outlets in record numbers, Camden will deploy its skills and creative talent to develop a compelling and effective digital campaign for one outstanding recipient. The agency hopes this full-screen display opportunity and associated agency services might help mitigate the devastating effects the current crisis is having on already-struggling organizations.

We are asking EVERYONE to spread the word over the next few days in order to find the organization or business that will feature in this ad campaign. 

As an international advertising agency affected by the crisis, it is our prerogative and duty to do what we can to minimize its impact and help communities and the economy recover. Media, communications and advertising have immense influence and responsibility; we believe our power to sway consumers can also be used to serve communities. We believe small acts of solidarity can unlock enormous potential for positive short-term gains and make a real difference in society.

This is a rallying cry to support those affected or severely impacted by the current crisis. Now is the time to prevent, combat and care. 

We welcome all ideas and projects. This is a time to be creative and consider the greater good.

  • This call for projects is open to non-profit businesses, community organizations, cooperatives, neighbourhood shops, essential goods manufacturers, local agricultural and food organizations, and charities that can’t afford mass media ad space or agency services under normal circumstances.

  • To apply, describe in one paragraph how the community organization or non-profit – and society at large – stands to gain from increased exposure. Focus on the project’s practical benefits and necessity.

  • Email your submission to Camden CEO Mathieu Bédard at [email protected] no later than 10 a.m. on Friday March 27.

  • Our media strategists will optimize the campaign for the various La Presse platforms on a schedule determined in conjunction with the chosen organization. Social media posts will also be included.

  • Our management committee will select the organization to be featured on Friday, March 27 at 4 p.m., according to the following criteria: relevance, urgency and impact.

  • The chosen organization will be contacted directly by a Camden representative this Friday at 4 p.m.

  • Please note that the advertisement will run only in Canada and in French.

Thanks to everyone for sharing this post with organizations, small businesses and non-profits that would benefit from the donation of an effective ad campaign.

Last, but not least, we applaud every Quebec advertising industry initiative that is already underway, and we call upon our colleagues at other agencies to engage in a constructive, human-centred conversation aimed at leveraging our most impactful advertising and media creativity at this unique time in our history.

camden team