Camden’s Hong Kong office launches ESG campaign for Natixis Investment Managers
Nov 2021

Camden’s Hong Kong office launches ESG campaign for Natixis Investment Managers

Snackable content dovetails brand visibility with environmental message

Toronto, November 9, 2021 – Camden has created an ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) awareness campaign for Natixis Investment Managers. The LinkedIn campaign’s goal was to encourage investors, companies, private banks, distributors, and banking networks in the Asia Pacific region to read Natixis IM’s 2020 Responsible Investment Report, entitled Making a Difference.

Camden’s strategists kicked off the project by benchmarking the sector and developing insights. The campaign that was produced as a result targeted key thought leaders and experts where they feel most at home online: LinkedIn. Leveraging these individuals’ ESG influence and experience boosted brand credibility while positioning Natixis IM as a leader with a clear competitive advantage. 


During the 6-week campaign, we rolled out fresh branded content in “snackable” formats, such as clever mantras that humanize the brand while bridging the gap between a 30-page corporate report and concise online posts. Each one of the 20 eye-catching posts (carousels, infographics, short animations, videos) featured the brand’s characteristic purple brush stroke and a mantra custom-written by Camden, communicating the brand’s activities and identity, while driving readers to the ESG report.  

About Natixis Investment Managers 
Natixis Investment Managers ranks among the world’s largest asset management firms. With headquarters in Paris and Boston, Natixis IM leverages the power of more than 20 specialized investment managers globally to serve institutions and financial professionals.

Client: Stéphanie Fraudin
Agency: Created with pride by Camden