Camden choisit le mode hybride
Jun 2021

Camden transitions to hybrid work

Individually tailored return to office life planned for Montreal staff

Montreal, June 23, 2021 - The pandemic has brought a tidal wave of change to work life. Theories abound as to the best course of action going forward, but the management team at Camden has listened to employees and drawn their own conclusions. After making it through 18 challenging months without a single pandemic-linked layoff, the agency is ready to maintain employees’ work-life balance and—guided by Camden’s brand DNA—aims to provide each team member with the setup they need to succeed.

Ad agencies have adopted a number of different return-to-work models in the lead-up to reopening. Some have committed to a work-from-home or shared workspace model, while others have opted for a full-time office schedule. Camden has chosen a hybrid approach that adapts to the different needs of its team members. Remote work is nothing new for the agency, since it had already adopted IT infrastructure and videoconferencing tools to support communication across its international network prior to the pandemic. The initial impact of the crisis was therefore greatly reduced at Camden, yet nothing indicated that agency executives would ultimately favour one working model over another.


With a gradual return to normal already underway in Quebec, the focus will be on accommodating employees’ work needs, all while respecting public health regulations. Whether working remotely or setting up at the office, from a desk or conference room, Camden is giving each employee the opportunity to choose a work setup based on their mood, personal needs, and the requirements of their team. The agency also plans to optimize its workspace over the next twelve months to provide added comfort and support. The goal is to offer the best of both worlds while gradually developing a sustainable and innovative workplace model that encourages team spirit on the local and global scale.

“We still don’t know the full extent to which the pandemic has affected our employees. We wanted to be sensitive to their needs and this is why we opted for flexibility rather than deciding what was best for them. This crisis has clearly left its mark, and showing humility and understanding as everyone adapts to the new normal is the best way to minimize stress for the members of our organization. We want the return to normal to be a win-win for everyone,” commented Marie-Michèle Jacques, partner and CFO of the Camden network.