Camden accompagne Soleno dans sa croissance aux États-Unis
Mar 2024

Camden Supports Soleno in Its Growth in the United States

Toronto, March 27, 2024 – Soleno, an industrial eco-leader from Quebec who collaborates with water management professionals in various applications, has entrusted Camden to help with its expansion in the Northeastern United States. The agency initially worked on strategy, then developed a new brand image dedicated to Soleno USA, in complete alignment with the organization’s historical brand.


Soleno has the ambition of becoming an essential partner for municipalities and companies thanks to its sustainable approach to modernizing their projects and transforming water management infrastructures. To achieve this, the brand first needed to differentiate itself further. To resonate in this new, highly competitive market dominated by less sustainable concrete sewer lines, Camden added to its comprehensive strategy the launch of a new proprietary pipeline brand: KUSTOMFLO. With one of the largest diameters available on the market, KUSTOMFLO stands out with its adaptive process which allows unmatched customization and represents a competitive advantage with strong potential for Soleno in the United States and Canada.

The theme of connectivity was exploited throughout the brand identity, notably when designing collaterals and branding material. Coming fresh with a new manifesto, a new corporate signature ("Sustainable Water Mastery"), and a digital campaign along with a range of sales material, Soleno aims to amplify its growth in this new market as well as in the rest of Canada.


View the advert by clicking on the image above.

Thomas Magny, partner and VP of Creation at Camden in Toronto: "Being part of this era of change is an honor. The cornerstone of this new platform revolves around the notion of connectivity. Its intention is not only to reflect the product offer but indeed to influence/act/inspire/support tomorrow's infrastructures and generations!"

Notably, it was the Toronto office of Camden that led the bulk of this significant mandate, in collaboration with the agency's other offices. This initial mission also marks a long-term relationship between Soleno and Camden, which invests its expertise in international markets and its detailed knowledge of local markets to offer its clients agile strategic and creative support in their development abroad, this time in the United States.


Catherine Côté, Director of Marketing and Communication at Soleno, concludes: "Our expansion into the United States and the launch of our new product brand mark a crucial step for Soleno, and Camden has played a leading role in this mandate. From strategy to deployment, the agency has been able to grasp Soleno's DNA and how to evolve its corporate brand platform, then developing a powerful identity concept that aligns perfectly with its future vision."

Client: Soleno: Catherine Côté, Director of Marketing and Communication
A mandate proudly accomplished by the various teams at Camden

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