CAMDEN + BIBIKO : un heureux mélange dégoulinant de talent et de passion
Feb 2021

Camden spices up print and digital assets for Bibiko

Photographs, posters and animated content support local eatery’s marketing efforts during pandemic

Montreal, February 22, 2021 – Camden’s Montreal and Toronto offices have worked together to create a series of eye-catching print and digital assets for Bibiko, a fixture in Montreal’s Mile End neighbourhood for office workers in search of fresh new flavours that play on traditional and modern Asian cuisine.

Banner Bibiko

The restaurant’s philosophy aims to blend flavours, communities and cultures. With this in mind, Camden combined organic compositions, clever visual storytelling and playful messaging in English, French, and Korean to translate the brand’s DNA into photographs, posters and animated content for social media and a wild posting campaign.

Poster Bibiko

“We’re fortunate to have so many talented people around us in the Mile End; Camden is a great example of neighbourly goodwill and community involvement,” said Bibiko owner La Ly. “They captured the essence of Bibiko and conveyed it in a beautifully executed campaign.”

Client: La Ly
Creative direction: Thomas Magny
Photography: Lisa Yang
Copywriting: Mathieu Chabot
Set design: Laurence Oliva
Design: Fin Christoforidis