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Jan 2020

Camden launches AR filters for Instagram Stories

A dramatic curveball from #nofilter, user-generated effects ranging from cool to kooky are the hottest thing on Instagram and Facebook right now, and Camden has developed the expertise to create custom filters for its own clients.

Augmented reality filters (a/k/a lenses) for Instagram and Facebook have been created and shared like crazy in social media users’ stories over the last few months. And what began as a fun DIY project for some has become an exciting opportunity for brands, products and services.

With content that is 15 times more engaging than traditional images, many brands have already jumped on the trend. It’s the newest way to create brand storytelling with a viral impact, and some corporate users have even seen their follower stats increase by 200%.

Big names like Gucci, Adidas and Off-White have put the catwalk into users’ hands with a tailor-made creative spin. Others, such as the Lyon rugby team, are giving fans a chance to get in on game-time action with face-painting effects.

Camden’s design teams have created AV filters for the agency’s own Instagram account as a demo of the excitement and engagement that can be achieved with these unique tools. This is just a taste of what’s possible...

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