Jun 2020

Camden joins the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendantes (RFSPI)

Group catalyzes local service professionals for Quebec's economic recovery

Montreal, July 1, 2020 – Camden Montreal is now among the 150 Quebec-owned firms that make up the Regroupement des firmes de services professionnels indépendants (RFSPI), a newly launched organization aiming to promote and support Quebec's independent professional services sector.

With ongoing economic volatility and a gradual softening of lockdown measures, RFSPI members hope to showcase local business talent and support the province's economic recovery. The goal is to persuade government officials and major institutions to recognize the contributions of independent service professionals to Quebec's economic and business recovery — and encourage people to hire those professionals.

RFSPI members are subject to strict ownership, capital and decision-making criteria. At least 50% of the capital must be locally held, with "local" defined geographically (territory of Quebec). These local owners must retain full decision-making power, free from conditions imposed by out-of-province interests, which effectively eliminates franchises, subsidiaries and companies owned by international groups.

“As an independent group that operates internationally, decision-making power is key. It’s what keeps our head office in Montreal and and what led us to join the group," said Félix Major, VP Business Intelligence at Camden. "Quebecers are willing and eager to do their part for the economy – to give entrepreneurs and innovators some breathing room. The RFSPI is one of many initiatives launched to make that happen. We’re proud to not only meet, but exceed, RFSPI criteria. The economic health of Quebec is at stake; entrepreneurship and decision-making power at the local level are vital. Together with our colleagues, our competitors and our fellow independent firm owners, we applaud this bold, courageous initiative brought about by Sébastien Fauré and his associates."

"Camden isn't about to stand on the sidelines while history is made," added Camden CEO Mathieu Bédard. "We're moving forward and nudging society forward in the process. Being accepted into the RFSPI's ranks is both humbling and inspiring. Long live RFSPI and Quebec entrepreneurship!"