Feb 2020

Camden hits the right note with new ODQ campaign

Playful TV ad introduces Quebec’s denture pros to an English-speaking audience

Camden has created a new TV ad for the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec (ODQ), Quebec’s professional order of denturologists. Produced entirely in-house at the agency’s Montreal and Lyon offices, the 30-second TV spot leverages clean motion graphics and a local language quirk to target English-speaking Quebecers who wear or need dentures. While the agency has helmed the ODQ’s campaigns since 2015, this is the first time the organization has produced an English-language TV ad.
While prosthetic dentistry professionals in most Canadian provinces are known as “denturists,” Quebec legislation defines them as “denturologists,” meaning the entire industry has had to follow suit. Camden decided to put the terminological foible front and centre with a tongue-in-cheek animation of simple text against a white background spelling out situations calling for a trained, certified denturologist: hockeypuckintheteethologist, bitintoacherrypitologist, and so on.
“It just goes to show that TV ads don’t have to be showy to get noticed,” said John Dutton, VP Creation at Camden. “In this case, the insight – that people don’t know what the word ‘denturologist’ means – was more than enough to get our creative gears moving. It was a textbook ‘less is more’ scenario.”
“We wanted to build on the overwhelming success of our past few awareness campaigns and talk to a new audience – but we couldn’t be sure that adapting from one culture to the other would work,” commented ODQ Executive Director Monique Bouchard. “Camden understood that right away. They somehow managed to restate our purpose and showcase our expertise with little more than words on a screen. It’s clever, it’s smart, and we’re thrilled with the result.”
The commercial is running on CTV in Quebec from February 3 to March 24 (with hiatus), while different creative is aired for the French-language market.

Agency: Camden
Client: ODQ: Robert Cabana, President, Monique Bouchard, Executive Director
Creative direction: John Dutton
Copywriting: Susannah Rubin
Art direction and motion design: Mathilde Lyandrat
Media strategy: Camille Poulin
Client services: Gabrielle Lusignan
Production: Geneviève Boyer
About ODQ
The mission of the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec is to protect the public and uphold service quality standards, position denturologists as a key resource on dental prostheses, and to rally members around a common interest in adequate training and ongoing improvement initiatives, with a view to facilitate skill development. As part of its mission, the ODQ aims to ensure quality prosthetic dentistry services for all Quebecers by monitoring the professional activities of its members, and facilitating skill acquisition and development. To that end, the Ordre issues practice licenses in Quebec, contingent on candidate qualifications, monitors its members’ continuing education hours, ensures member compliance with regulations and the profession’s Code of Ethics, and performs periodic proficiency testing.