Fondation Dépendances Montréal
Apr 2022

Camden creates awareness boost for Dépendances Montréal foundation

Destructive effects of addiction highlighted in TV commercial and ad campaign

Montreal, April 11, 2022 – Camden is proud to announce the beginning of a partnership with Fondation Dépendances Montréal (FDM), a foundation that provides financing for a rehab centre and a wide range of services supporting individuals and their families who suffer from addiction.

Camden’s Montreal office has created, produced and rolled out a creative platform that helps potential donors gain insight into the effects of addiction and the impact of making a donation. The flagship 30-second ad features a gritty domestic scene where an alcoholic mother’s inner voice drowns out dialogue with her young daughter and partner, signed with the tagline, “Addiction stifles the voices of others” (La dépendance étouffe les voix des autres). The concept aims to underline the socially harmful effects of addiction, and has also been adapted as a series of ads for online, print, and out-of-home media. The creative concept is a springboard for future executions that may address other forms of addiction, such as pathological gambling or drug abuse.

Valérie Méplon, FDM’s Managing Director, commented, “Camden was able to understand and convey, both visually and emotionally, the cause that motivates everyone at the foundation – the one that we want to communicate to the general public: non-judgmental interventions that help people get their lives back on track, plus a degree of autonomy that will also benefit their families and friends.”


Camden’s work for FDM is aligned with the agency’s social mission, which in the past has included campaigns for non-profits such as Fillactive and Le Phare Enfants et Familles. “The pandemic has had a destructive impact on large sections of our society,” commented Camden CEO, Mathieu Bédard. “Now, more than ever, addiction is a social issue that demands our full attention. It’s high time that addictions should be treated similarly to other illnesses, without any shame or taboos. Whether it’s a family member, a friend, a colleague or a neighbour, we all know someone who has or has had dependency problems, so making a donation to this cause helps everyone in our society thrive.”


Since its inception in 1999, FDM has invested over $1,000,000 in a variety of addiction-related projects such as social reintegration through employment, support for families with young children, helping drop-outs return to school, and dealing with pathological gambling and compulsive internet use. Addiction menaces our society, and it is important to help those who are trying to escape its clutches and start a new life. 

To make a donation:

Fondation Dépendances Montréal: Valérie Méplon, Managing Director
A campaign proudly created and produced by Camden
TV commercial Director: Nicolas Legendre-Duplessis
TV commercial DOP: Simon Therrien
Audio post production: Circonflex Studio