Jun 2020

Camden carries Convectair into the future

After a rigorous agency selection process, Convectair has tasked Camden Advertising with redesigning the brand platform and website, as well as developing its advertising and media strategies.

“We’re delighted to be signing on with Camden for the project. We received a number of excellent proposals from agencies competing for the mandate; in the end, we chose the one we believed was the most audacious. Camden's approach is based on analysis, performance measurement and the power of digital technology to carry brands into the future,” said François Lessard, Convectair's Marketing Director.

Founded with a view to supply safe, attractive, energy efficient electric heating units, Convectair has operated in Quebec for nearly 40 years, and is a leader in its field. The brand’s 70+ residential and commercial heating products – ranging from radiant and convection heaters to towel warmers – are sold by nearly 200 retailers across the province and distributed to electricians by over 120 partners.

“Working with Convectair is a real honour for the entire team. We'll be drawing heavily on our Pivotal Thinking framework, full-service business model, growing digital department and cross-disciplinary approach to help build the brand's North American reputation. We are committed to partnering with Convectair for the long haul, and we intend to make a measurable business impact for a company that's already deeply rooted in our province,” said Félix Major, VP Business Development at Camden.