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The devil is in the data

Don’t think artificial intelligence is relevant to your marketing interactions? Think again. Understanding consumer behaviour is crucial – and complex (there’s more to AI than chatbots). Marketers are tapping into the power of advanced analytics and AI for lead generation, conversion, personalization, awareness and beyond.

Our marketing research experts are equipped to gather and interpret your data, turning information into insights – and insights into solutions. Putting their brainpower and statistical data analysis tools to work, they'll address your business challenges with speed, precision and quantifiable results that add value to your organization.

Phone calls, in-person meetings, workshops, number crunching – we adapt our approach to your needs, with a view to maximize actionable insights. Then there are surveys – a cornerstone of market research – which can paint a surprisingly detailed picture of key factors influencing the customer experience while laying solid foundations for segmentation and campaign development.

  • Marketing research and AI services from Camden advertising agency : big data and more
  • Collect before you connect

    "A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding."
     Marshall McLuhan

    Great campaigns exist where behaviour meets opportunity. Sound elusive? Not if you collect the dots (or data points) before connecting them – and follow our golden rule: "assumptions are dangerous." That's the idea behind Pivotal Thinking.

    Our research specialists comb through the project brief to orient their exploration, identifying and leveraging data sources as they move from one area to the next – documenting every detail and consolidating information with notes, charts and reports.

    From data mining and geomarketing to pattern recognition, Camden’s analytic capabilities help clients transform the user experience today to stay ahead of the competition tomorrow.

  • Marketing research and AI services from Camden advertising agency : big data and more
  • Humans ♥ machines

    “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”
    – Sherlock Holmes

    Customers aren’t a monolith; they have needs, tastes and constraints all their own. Broad demographics (or even psychographics) may shine a light on their story, but why use a shovel when you have an excavator? Technology digs deep for strategic information across channels – and we use that information to help your brand level up.

    Camden’s business intelligence team extracts database information and translates it into insights using a range of statistical methods, identifying the best strategy for each customer segment and working with our media and cross-channel marketing strategists to fine-tune our approach at every stage of the consumer journey.

    We draw lessons from the past and mitigate future risks with predictive models, while optimizing customer acquisition, loyalty and retention with advanced segmentation techniques. That means reaching highly specific target audiences with relevant, personalized content that keeps them engaged.

  • Marketing research and AI services from Camden advertising agency : big data and more
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