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Classroom fun for French ski fans

Fédération Française de Ski

The Fédération française de ski (or FFS) manages and oversees the development and practice of skiing in France. It comprises all ski clubs in France, holds competitions and administers French teams at the international level across snow sports.

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Schools and skis

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As the organization that represents France’s ski clubs, the FFS has been organizing the country’s competitions since 1924. Having already worked with Camden, the FFS asked us to develop creative concepts for the 2021-22 edition of a nationwide ski-themed school contest called Villes et Villages Amis (Friendly Towns and Villages).

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Building bonds between athletes and schools

This year’s contest invited primary schools throughout France to create a collaborative project. Starting from a soundtrack, schoolkids could imagine a choreography or song to inspire the French ski and snowboard teams in the build-up to the 2022 Olympic Winter Games. The goal? Building strong bonds between France’s Olympic teams and the children who might become the star skiers of tomorrow.

Hit the slopes!

Camden teamed up with French school supplies company Maped to create a name for the project, as well as a new art direction using the French team’s colours.

Athletes from France’s ski team were so enamoured with what we produced that they “hit the slopes” to take part in the launch video for participating schools.

Around a dozen skiers, including famous names such as Tessa Worley, Matthieu Bailet and Alexis Pinturault, joined in the fun to encourage kids to be as creative as possible.

An ongoing partnership built on trust

This project returns every winter as part of the French ski federation’s remit to promote skiing and snowboarding to people all over the country.

Camden and the FFS have worked on several projects together over the years, including the 2020 edition of Villes et Villages Amis, as well as key visuals for the same year’s World Snow Day.

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