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Conviction, connection and community in a time of crisis

Catholic Church of Montreal

The Catholic Church of Montreal is 200 parishes and missions serving 1.5 million Catholics and their communities. Archbishop Christian Lépine is the tenth bishop and eighth archbishop of Montreal, since the founding of the diocese in 1836.

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Hope (cont’d)

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After sending a message of hope to Montrealers in the spring, the Catholic Church of Montreal wanted to get back on track with its fundraising campaign to support community projects, an annual tradition since 1989.

  • Catholic Church of Montreal - On mission
  • Catholic Church of Montreal - On mission
  • Catholic Church of Montreal - On mission
  • Catholic Church of Montreal - On mission


Our creative team cast the Catholic Church of Montreal as a powerful vector for comfort and strength in times of crisis by highlighting Church volunteers and their impact on the community. 

With “On a mission” as its slogan, the campaign relies on the singular power of the human gaze to instill hope and foster a sense of belonging.

No end in sight

With public health restrictions still in placeand a pandemic with no end in sightwe decided to put the subjects’ masks front-and-centre to help draw attention to their expressive eyes and support the overall message of involvement and dedication.

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Catholic Church of Montreal - On mission
la Pensée rebelle

“We were aiming high with this concept. The esthetic is eye-catching and unexpected from an advertiser like the Catholic Church of Montreal.”

John Dutton, Chief Creative Officer, Camden network

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