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Breathing new life into a major institution

Catholic Church of Montreal

The Catholic Church of Montreal is 200 parishes and missions serving 1.5 million Catholics and their communities. Archbishop Christian Lépine is the tenth bishop and eighth archbishop of Montreal, since the founding of the diocese in 1836.

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Growing and changing

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As with many religious institutions in recent decades, the Catholic Church of Montreal has seen a steady decline in practicing members. With sparser pews at Sunday service and less demand for formal sacraments like baptism and first communion, the Church has had to adapt and change.

In 2019, the Church turned to Camden for a brand-new awareness campaign, tasking us with strategy, media planning and buying, creative and production.

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Everyday faith

Religion is a thorny subject – and not everyone's cup of tea. But the Catholic Church of Montreal isn’t a Catholics-only club. In fact, the organization sees itself as a steward for humanity, which was our starting point for a concept that would highlight its relevance for a twenty-first century audience.

Believers, non-believers – such distinctions are moot in the face of over-consumption, cyber-addiction, isolation, and our persistent quest for meaning.

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Finding your way

Built on the tagline “Finding your way” our campaign positioned the Catholic Church of Montreal as a beacon of composure in a hectic world – the place one finds. Finding oneself, one’s community, one’s Church – reconnecting with what matters – these are the underpinnings of the Church’s relationship with its community in Montreal.

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Slowing down

We weaved these ideas into a TV ad, broadcast in French, and a bilingual digital campaign on social media platforms.

The result? An unexpected, gutsy campaign breathing life into a major institution and reminding Montrealers to stop, look up, and catch their breath.

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